Hatz pumps – new product line up

Hatz underlines it's competence in systems engineering and offers a new line up of clear- and trash-water and industrial pumps. Common base are the highly acclaimed air-cooled diesel engines

Whether it be on construction sites, disaster relief or for industrial use, Hatz offers a broad spectrum of engine-powered pumps.Up to now mainly known for its tailor made diesel engine solutions, Hatz offers pumps for all kind of use.

Basis for the pump systems are the robust and resilient air-cooled diesel engines – available with a power range of 1,5 up to 56 kW - of the German based company. The line-up ranges from small and lightweight one-cylinder engine powered trash water pumps with a capacity of 20m³/h up to clearwater pumps with a capacity of 830m³/h powered by a powerful 4-cylinder diesel engine.

Based on customer wish, the pumps can be equipped with a trolley, closed tubular frame or base frame. Additionally there are numerous other standardized options available.

Suited for construction-sites – the C-series

The C-series is carefully designed for use under rough conditions. Solids with a size of up to 40mm can be processed thanks to robust pump parts and a pump housing made of aluminium or grey cast. Beside pumps with a flow rate between 20 and 140 m³/h, there is a membrane pump available which can process sludge with a solid content of up to 80%. All pumps are driven by Hatz diesel-engines with either one or two cylinders which work reliably even under adverse conditions.

For agricultural use – the AP and AQ series

Depending on the use, Hatz Systems offers two different kinds of pumps for the agricultural use. On one hand pressure pumps (AP) for the use as a booster pump for water supply, on the other hand quantity pumps (AQ) for irrigation systems or for use by disaster relief organisations. Hatz pressure pumps a characterised by a robust and long-lasting design and are available with flow rates between 24m³/ and 240m³/h at a pressure height of 47 to 62 m.

The quantity pumps are available with a flowrate of 300, 520 or 830 m³/h at an engine speed of 1.800 rpm. The pump housing is made of a robust grey cast iron.

For industrial use – The S-Series

The product range of special pumps is broad and spans from small pumps with reinforced polycarbonate pump housing for use with chemicals liquids to pumps for heat transfer oils which are built for a customer. All industrial pumps are built on a modular basis with numerous options to customize customer needs.

Environmental aspects

The sustainability and environmental compatibility of Hatz products is part of our company philosophy. Thus, all B- and D-series engines are produced in the specification, which meet the strict emission standards of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in the U.S., even if the standart in the destination country is not applicable. Also the multi-cylinder engines of the L- and M-series meet all required emissions standards and are partially supplied with exhaust gas recirculation to reduce nitrogen oxides. From 2013, the three-and four-cylinder engines will be available with diesel particulate filters.

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Stephan Gritsch
Stephan Gritsch Marketing Communications Team Leader, Motorenfabrik Hatz GmbH & Co. KG
Stephan Gritsch
Stephan Gritsch Marketing Communications Team Leader, Motorenfabrik Hatz GmbH & Co. KG
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